Shenseea Injured In Car Crash Involving Her BMW X6, Romeich Issued Statement

Dancehall Princess Shenseea has met in an accident early this morning.

It seems that “Blessed” singer Shenseea just cannot catch a break. Only weeks after she has laid her mother to rest, the songstress has been involved in a car accident. Thankfully she walked away with only minor injuries. The news surrounding the accident first broke on social media as fans began to circulate images showcasing what appears to Shenseea’s BMW X6 with the airbags deployed, which indicate that the vehicle has collided with another vehicle or an object.

The airbags on both the passenger and the driver’s sides are fully in view, and it appears that they served their purpose well as they protected the vehicle’s inhabitants from being thrown by the sudden impact. Airbags also protect the head, neck, face, and spine during an incident that would otherwise render the individual defenseless against major injury.

In the photo, you can also see Shenseea’s signature pink backpack and pink face masks. No further details surrounding the specifics of the accident have been revealed. However, Shenseea’s manager, Romeich Major, took to Instagram to post this cryptic message. “One thing enuh when it rains it pours!!!! Wah nuh kill man build man. God Run The Grung,” he wrote accompanied by numerous praying hands emojis. At the time fans speculated that the message was in regard to the accident, which was initially unconfirmed.

He later released an official statement directly addressing the accident. Reposting a photo of Shenseea, which was used to celebrate Jamaica’s Independence Day on August 6th, he wrote in the caption, “For all who is trying to find out what happen with their artist and friend @shenseea. She is ok minor injuries from car accident this morning but she is a dragon so she will keep pushing forward and be ok Just one of them Time in life where it seem all is going wrong but as i say once there is life blessing continues.”

There has been an outpouring of concern and well wishes to the songstress as fans pray that she is doing well. They empathize with the singer for the multiple hardships that she is currently facing with her mom’s recent death, and now, a car accident. We sincerely hope that ShenYeng recovers from her injuries quickly and bounces back stronger than ever.