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Lil Baby Pops Up In Wyoming To Honor Kanye West Collab Request

Lil Baby has reportedly landed in Wyoming to collaborate with Kanye West amid his Twitter rant regarding the rapper.

Earlier last week, Kanye West went on a volatile Twitter rant during which he alleged that his wife Kim Kardashian had cheated on him with Meek Mill, his mother-in-law Kris Jenner was not allowed around his children and he also bragged that his favorite rapper was Lil Baby. He further claimed that he had sought out collaborating with Lil Baby, who denied his request. Lil Baby responded to Kanye’s tweets suggesting that he had never gotten word of such a request.

“Nobody told me ye was trying to get me on a song. That’s fu**ed up,” tweeted the Quality Control Music rapper. He later referenced Ye directly writing, “@kanyewest no disrespect nobody told me,” with a shrugging emoji added at the end.

Yesterday there was a very interesting development in the story, as infamous online detectives deduced that Lil Baby had copped a private jet, which took him to Cody, Wyoming. Wyoming is the location of Kanye West’s ranch, where he has been staying over the course of the last few weeks. It is alleged that Lil Baby has made the trip to fulfill Kanye’s wish of working with him on music.

“The Bigger Picture” rapper shared a video on his Instagram story of his landing, which showcased the jet at the terminal. He captioned it, “Had a good nap.”

During the video, you can also see Lil Baby about to enter a black bus to take him to his next location, Kanye’s house, or studio, perhaps? From there, the internet detectives pieced the information together and proceeded to check flight logs, which confirmed that he had traveled from Atlanta to Wyoming.

Fans are anxious and hopeful about the possible collaboration between Ye and Lil Baby. Kanye West had revealed last week that he was planning to release a new album titled, “Donda” on July 24. As you can see, that date has come and gone with no album in sight.

Could this meetup mean good news for the album? If it is ever released, we could see the Lil Baby feature being one of the more popular tracks.