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Faizon Love Insinuates That Cam’ron Is Gay, Drags 50 Cent Into Beef, Cam’ron Respond

Faizon Love drags 50 Cent into his feud with Cam’ron as he insinuates that Cam is gay, and his love interest is no other than 50 Cent.

A few days ago, Faizon Love made some highly outlandish claims about rap mogul Jay-Z. He labeled Jay-Z as “fake,” accusing him of lying about his well-known status as a former drug dealer. In came Cam’ron speaking on the matter, unexpectedly defending Hov as the two have had their own turmoil in the past.

“I know me and Hov haven’t had the best relationship (publicly) but Faizon don’t know what the f**k he’s talking bout,” he said. “Whether legally or illegally n***as got to it.”

Now, it seems that the actor has gotten wind of Cam’ron’s retort, and he has taken grave offense coming for him in the most ridiculous manner, by publicizing him as a homosexual. Today, Faizon took to his Instagram account to post three edited images that position Cam’ron as gay. He further used Cam’ron’s love of pink to support his outrageous claims.

All of the photoshopped images place Cam’ron at Gay Pride Parades, one with him in a skimpy crop top waving the gay flag. They boast headings such as, “Cam’ron’s Gay Parade,” “Cam’ron loves Hov” and “I dream of kissing 50 Cent in public. I hope Jim Jones doesn’t hear about this! I love you Hov! P.S. Why do you think I wear pink?”

Faizon captioned one of the images, “Jay Z Jay Z our man!!!! Weeeee Dickset.”

Cam has since responded on his Instagram Stories, reposting an image that reads, “Any fat b*tch a*s f****t that got a problem wit cam got problems wit everybody in harlem4real.” Cam tagged the original poster adding, “We got him this evening.” He followed that with a video game clip of a character being knocked out, and we’re assuming he’s referring to Faizon.

It didn’t take long for Cam to reveal what he had coming as he just posted a throwback tape of Faizon auditioning for gay focused roles in “Empire” and “Brokeback Mountain” type movies. Cam explained in the captioning that he was in no way shape nor form making fun of homosexuality.

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We just started… Church_650

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“Now before I post this I have no problem with anybody in the LGBTQ community. I have people from this community in my family/friends/I work with and love ones. I respect all walks of life,” he wrote.

He continued, “With that being said. @faizonlove posted some memes of me being gay. Which I’m not. But this isn’t a meme fat boy. This really u.. #UgotSomeexplainingToDo this the roles u want? I dig it #IaintJudgingTho #UaintOnTrail somebody get him in brokeback mountain 2 please. I don’t think he faking.. and did someone creep behind u in this vid? Just askin.”

Cam’ron followed it up with a second post of a snippet of the movie “Who’s Your Caddy,” which features a scene with Faizon completely in the nude in the bathroom where he’s surrounded by men. Fans have taken to slamming him in the comments suggesting that he should have never came for Cam, adding that he showed his a** for a couple of dollars.

Whew! This fight seems as if it’s just beginning, but Can has already been dubbed the victor.