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Love & Hip Hop: Erica Mena & Safaree Posts Steamy Video On OnlyFans

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are putting on an X-rated show for their audience on OnlyFans.

Ever since Beyoncé said she might start an OnlyFans account in her collaboration that went No. 1 on Billboard, the popularity of the site has increased tremendously. While the platform was initially meant to be a home for fans to have a more intimate experience with their favorite creators, some celebrities have taken that intimacy to another level.

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels, who got married in October of last year and welcomed their first child together in February, is one couple that is heating things up with the exclusive content they’re offering on the social networking platform. Erica shared a message with her fans over on the platform, inviting them to see a raunchy video of her and her husband’s bedroom affairs.

“Satisfying my Husband FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ON HERE,” Erica Mena’s OnlyFans profile read. “Unlock this RED LIGHT SPECIAL to see it all GO DOWN.” Not only is nudity one of the primary features of the experience, but you can witness it with your own eyes for just $50. It’s no secret that things are very slow these days, especially money, but could that be the only reason the married couple is exposing their personal and intimate life? In addition to being in the nude, there is also heavy tongue kissing and touching. I guess it’s not too explicit when compared to a subscription for a porn site that would only cost a fifth of the price.

There was a time when celebrities would freak out at the thought of their nudes or an explicit sex tape of them being leaked, but it’s become the norm for them to just put it out there themselves for anyone who is willing to pay to see it. Would you spend $50 to see these two messing around nude?