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NBA YoungBoy Reveals 10 Things He Can’t Live Without, His Boo And His Baby Boy

These are the 10 things that NBA YoungBoy can’t live without.

Youngboy Never Broke Again is bored in the house, and he’s in the house bored, as he lists off the ten things he cannot do without, hint, his kids are sweetly number one. The “Death Enclaimed” rapper never strays too far from the headlines. From his mirage of women to his bevy of kids plus his legal drama, NBA is one interesting guy. The highlights of his day to day life are usually played out on social media with him changing girlfriends each day of the week to the overlapping of those same women, which has caused some violent altercations.

The young dad frequently posts photos with him of women or, better yet, their body parts leading fans to speculate which of his current pieces it is or if it might be one of his six baby mamas. Yesterday, seemingly bored at home, the rapper switched things up by giving fans a detailed insight into all things NBA. Posting a video on Instagram, he shared with his fans, “10 things I can’t go without.” With a blunt in hand, he kicks off his countdown with, ding ding ding, you guessed it, Weed!

He then goes on to mention money, shoes, Caprisun, and watches. At that point, he interjects to inform fans that one of his watches is missing because his baby mama stole it, following it up by adding that he won’t divulge which of them did the crime. Number six is his gun, which he brandishes, stating, “assassination lifestyle.” That is hilariously followed by a lint roller, which we have seen his ex Yaya Mayweather use to make sure her man was fresh and clean, he cuts the clip to announce that lint roller doesn’t officially count replacing it with his microphone instead.

He later adds his chain, which he shows off in a close-up, stating that it was a gift for his birthday. He ends the clip by listing off the last but not least, the most important additions to his life. They are his kids and his girlfriend, Jazzlyn. He snuggles her while holding his young son in his hand before saying, ” I don’t think I would be able to be as comfortable as I am and sleep as good as I do.”

He sweetly plops a big kiss on Jazzlyn’s cheek ending his “ten things I can’t do without” list.

Fans are loving the clip as they congratulate the rapper for achieving so much at such a young age. They were also quick to point out a very weird piece of decoration in his house. The rapper has a full-sized coffin just chilling on the wall above his couch. Such a strange and unique piece of decoration, don’t you think?

We’d definitely be interested in seeing what a part two to this countdown looks like.

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