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NBA YoungBoy On Daddy Duties With His Kids In “Death Enclaimed” Video

Youngboy Never Broke Again has a knack for turning his negatives into positives, and that’s precisely what he did with his brand new release titled, “Death Enclaimed.”

The track features a heavily tweaked sample of Rod Wave’s “Gambling” freestyle, which not only ties into the song melodiously but also helps to define Youngboy’s pain and reasons for it. The Baton Rouge rapper explains himself as he takes viewers on a tour of his mansion. Director Rich Porter showcases the rapper’s garage, which houses his Mclaren and even shows just how NBA Youngboy gets about his crib, via an elevator.

At the top of the elevator, we are treated to the sweet face of one of his kids. His smile is a breath of fresh air to a seemingly dark and gloomy track, which sees the rapper hopping out of a casket as well as wearing blood riddled shirts. We are also treated to scenes with his other kids, and it becomes very evident that his kids allow him to escape the drama which fame has brought to him. The 20-year-old has recently welcomed two additional kids to the family after his two baby mothers gave birth just days apart.

He seemingly throws a bit of shade at the mother of his kids as he sings, “tired f__k around wid groupies, 4 lil boys and 2 girls and they mine.” NBA Youngboy expresses that he is still seeking a wife after the last one, presumably Iyanna, ran off, leaving the ring. If you go ahead and sum up the emotional trauma from such a situation to the recent robbery of his home, to assassination attempts and brought about by alleged fakes in his circle, then we are able to partially understand just what he is going through on a daily basis. With this in mind, his decision to take a break from music was more than justified.

“Sit with the pain until it passes, and you will be calmer for the next one,” was Top’s message for Father’s Day.

Go ahead and check out the video below.