Kanye West Announces “Donda” Album Dropping July 24th With Nicki Minaj’s “New Body”

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West tweeted and deleted the tracklist for his new album, Donda, dropping on July 24th.

It seems Kanye West is once again engaging his album mode, and this time the new material could feature the Nicki Minaj, and Travis Scott assisted leak “New Body.” Ye came through with a quick tweet then delete in his announcement of DONDA, which could become his 10th studio album. According to the tweet, the project should be dropping roughly a week from now, on July 24. It has become customary Kanye behavior to surprise fans with his releases.

Sadly, his surprises tend to turn into prolonged periods of release date changes, feature removals, and name changes, which eventually leads to a critical state of anxiousness from core Ye fans.

Let’s say we take Kanye’s words as gospel and the album does arrive on the date mentioned, this means that we could be in for a mixture of secular and gospel release. The scribbled hard to decipher tracklist currently boasts, “Donda,” “24,” “I Feel Terrific,” “Futur Bounce,” “Keep My Spirit Alive,” “Lord I Need You,” “Off The Grid,” “Skurr,” “In Gods Country & God’s Country,” “Welcome To My Life,” “Up From The Ashes,” “Tell The Vision,” Wash Us In The Blood,” “Everything,” “New Body,” “Hold The Love,” “Praise God,” “Life Of The Party,” and “Hurricane.”

Of the tracks listed, one of the biggest surprises for fans is “New Body,” which was previously leaked around July of last year. While there is much anticipation for Nicki’s verse, some fans are of the belief that Kanye will rock their boat and provide a gospel remix instead of the original. The other 18 tracks seem to be holding true to Kanye’s promise of staying away from secular material.

The Chi-town native released the titled track “Donda” last week as a tribute to his late mom, Donda West, who passed away in 2007. For many fans, Donda evokes some much-needed nostalgia, bringing them all the way back to the days of ‘The College Dropout.’

In other news, the rapper is continuing his run for office by asking fans to sign a petition so that he can be added to the South Carolina presidential election ballot.

Kanye West Donda album full tracklist.

1. “Donda”
2. “24”
3. “I Feel Terrific”
4. “Future Bounce”
5. “Keep My Spirit Alive”
6. “Lord I Need You”
7. “Off the Grid”
8. “Skmrrr”
9. “In God’s Country”
10. “God’s Country”
11. “Welcome to My Life”
12. “Up From the Ashes”
13. “Tell the Vision”
14. “Wash Us in the Blood”
15. “Everything”
16. “New Body”
17. “Hold the Line”
18. “Praise God”
19. “Life of the Party”
20. “Hurricane”