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Drake Accused Of Jacking The Weeknd’s Style On DJ Khaled’s “Greece”

Drake is on the defensive again for seemingly jacking The Weeknd’s flow.

As promised, DJ Khaled delivered two new tracks Friday, both of which features Drake. The songs, titled “Greece” and “Popstar,” quickly had the internet abuzz, especially because “Greece” doesn’t sound like a Drizzy track at all. Instead, the song could easily belong to The Weeknd, and listeners think it is a bit too obvious whose style Drake is biting from on this one. One Twitter user remarked on the similarities while also complimenting the track, saying, “Drake stealing The Weeknd’s flow on Greece. Shi is a bop tho.”

The song, which begins with DJ Khaled’s signature introduction, features Drake singing in a high-pitched and fast-paced tone, “Come with me, leave all of your things, yeah/We can stop at Gucci, stop at Louis V, yeah/Come with me, fly you out to Greece/Full speed, survoler Paris.”

The strong likeness to The Weeknd’s cadence and voice is enough to lead listeners to double check what song they clicked on. Drake has been known to switch up his sound with his talent for altering his voice and accent, even coming under fire for assuming Caribbean and Southern accents in the past. However, just because you can do something, it doesn’t mean you should.

The second song, “Popstar,” hasn’t managed to get by fans without facing similar accusations. Listeners pointed out that Drake’s flow sounds like that of Chicago rapper Valee on his 2018 track, “Womp Womp.”

Valee’s manager replied to the comparison on Twitter, saying, “’Popstar’ is dope. Valee Womp Womp flow still getting love in 2020. Give Valee his flowers in 2021.” Although Drake is often criticized for a whole host of reasons, his work inevitably comes out on top time after time. Chances are, he knows exactly what he is doing by putting out a Weeknd-inspired track, and he is betting the choice will end up in his favor.