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Drake & DJ Khaled Link Up On “Greece” And “Popstar” – Listen

Drake and DJ Khaled link up on two new bangers, “Greece” and “Popstar.”

DJ Khaled is once again in album mode, and he is kicking things off with a double release with his good friend and associate Drake. The two hip hop titans are no strangers to each other, and the level of friendship was shown when Khaled got the chance to tour Drake’s lavish new home. The pair also are also known for creating musical magic with tracks such as, “I’m on One,” “For Free,” “No New Friends,” “To The Max,” and “Fed Up.” Now they are looking to add “Greece” and “Popstar” to their list of successful collaborations.

Like a true friend, the Toronto rapper shared the cover images for the tracks on his Instagram page a day before the release. This led to Khaled hopping into the comments to show just how grateful he way for the constant love he has received from the OVO champ over the years.

“My brother thank you! Thank you for always believing in me! And always being a true friend! Not just that WE WORK AMAZING,” wrote the We The Best boss before reminding fans of the day of the drop. He ended by stating “LUV FOREVER.”

DJ Khaled continued promotions on his IG page and made it clear to fans that he would be offloading two bangers. “NO B SIDES TONIGHT ! 2 A SIDES PON YOUR HEAD TOP,” he wrote while sharing a video of the shooting of the cover art for “Popstar,” which is presumably also connected to the music videos for the upcoming tracks.

In the video, DJ Khaled becomes one with nature as he acts as a pedestal for a huge owl that sits atop his shoulders. It’s not hard to decipher that the owl is a direct representation of Drake’s addition to the project. Khaled rocks a nifty animal print shirt to complete the ‘nature’ feel of the project.

The producer extraordinaire and father of 2 is once again keeping it in the family when it comes on to naming his album, with his 12th studio album set to be called Khaled Khaled.