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Love & Hip Hop: Princess Love & Ray J Officially Back Together, Files Doc To Dismiss Divorce

Princess Love and Ray J are officially back together as she moved to dismissed their divorce.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood sweethearts Ray J and Princess Love are giving their marriage another try, dismissing the divorce proceedings she started back in May. The Los Angeles County Court has since signed off on the July 8 request for dismissal, officially ending their ongoing divorce case. The reality TV star and mom of two called it quits after Ray J allegedly left her and their two-year-old daughter Melody Love “stranded” in Las Vegas, which was the last straw for her after rumors of infidelity.

Princess Love was heavily pregnant with their second child Epik Ray and had had enough, taking to social media to put the R&B crooner on blast in a very viral episode. She filed for divorce shortly thereafter, but it seems quarantine constraints have helped the two rekindle their romance and realize as Ray J put it, that “the most important thing is family.”

A lot has changed since Princess’s May 7 request to be legally separated after nearly four years of marriage and full custody of their kids. The two were living apart, but are now back under the same roof and fully focused on co-parenting and the wellbeing of their toddlers.

“For us to all spend time together, talk and just be parents, I think a lot of things unfold from that. That’s a good start for us, just spending time with the kids and making sure that Melody has a great b-day,” the “One Wish” crooner said back in May, according to PEOPLE, mere weeks after their separation. “Through all of that, we can listen and understand each other. Right now we’re just locked in with the parenting. God is good. Ray J also called his estranged wife a “supermom” before letting on that he had a new track on the way called “Stranded” most likely inspired by the infamous Vegas incident, from his upcoming album “Follow My Lead.”

It appears the singer-turned-actor had left his fans clues on his latest Instagram post, which features himself and an adorable Epik at his LA home plus an unidentified female figure in the clip’s background. The caption however, spells out the obvious as well as reaffirms his adoration for both of them—”lookin jus like his momma!” He ended the aforementioned interview on a positive note that seems to have somehow become his reality- “there’s always gold at the end of the rainbow.”

COVID-19 conditions have also come with silver linings for fellow R&B star Ne-Yo who reconciled with his wife Crystal Renay four months after deciding to go their separate ways. “The whole quarantine thing was kind of a blessing, [it] forced us to sit still and block out the noise from the world,” he said.