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Akademiks Says Feds Take Down Tekashi 6ix9ine Instagram Indefinitely

DK Akademiks is claiming that the feds removed Tekashi 6ix9ine Instagram account indefinitely.

As the final days of his house arrest drag on, rainbow-haired rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine has officially gone ghost on all his social media accounts following a recommendation from his legal counsel, sources say. Officially a free man on July 31, the controversial artist has been ordered off all platforms indefinitely out of fear he might inadvertently reveal his whereabouts, which he has done in the past. As his confinement winds down, 6ix9ine has hinted at his post lockdown plans—“nobody is safe – August 1”—insisting that he won’t be leaving his New York hometown but will be back to trolling soon enough.

Tekashi 6ix9ine fans and followers will have to do without his roast sessions with pal DJ Akademiks that poked fun and took jabs at just about every male hip-hop artist on the scene, especially after his record-breaking rise to Billboard number one with the Nicki Minaj collaboration, “Trollz.”

Akademiks, who is close friends with Tekashi, is claiming that the feds is responsible for taking down his social media account and he will be off IG indefinitely. “Looks like they reported #6ix9ine account to the feds … he off social media indefinitely,” AK wrote.

On that note, trolling as it turns out is not only time-consuming but taxing stuff, costing DJ Akademiks his comfy job at Complex and getting him banned from live streaming platform Twitch after a Chrissy Teigen rant. The stakes in Tekashi’s case are simply too high to compromise in such a petty way – once freed, he’ll have an escort fleet of five bulletproof SUVs and will be protected by twenty two former FBI & NYPD detectives working shifts to protect him at all times. Attorney for the 24-year-old rapper, Lance Lazzaro, clarified the motive behind the move.

“His home confinement aspect ends on July 31, so we thought out of an abundance of caution that he should deactivate all of his social media accounts and just keep a low profile until his home confinement is finished, just to make sure that nothing is leaked, where any gang members would figure out his location or anything to that effect,” Lazarro said. “So we just thought, out of an abundance of caution, these last two weeks before the home confinement aspect ends, that he should just stay away from social media.” He added that 6ix9ine “is going to be busy,” releasing an entire album as well as some music videos in August and that his client has “the whole world ahead of him.”

In his absence, Tekashi’s fans check the charts to find their troll king, even if it is on the lower end of things. His former number 1, “Trollz,” also broke the record for the biggest chart fall in Billboard history for any song debuting at number one, falling 33 spots to number 34. His follow up effort, the spicy Spanish track “Yaya,” just debuted at number 99 on the Billboard Hot 100.