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DJ Akademiks Says Meek Mill Got Him Fired From Complex, Drops Freestyle

DJ akademiks, Meek Mill

DJ Akademiks points the finger at Meek Mill, blaming the rapper for him getting fired from Complex and permanently banned from Twitch.

In the last few weeks, the name DJ Akademiks has been in everyone’s mouth and unfortunately, not for something good. With a bevy of feuds, he has been the object of hatred for Freddie Gibbs, Meek Mill, and John Legend and his wife, Chrissy Teigan. In each of these instances, you can say Ak brought the situation on himself, from inserting himself into something that did not concern him with Freddie, all the way to his extremely inappropriate and disrespectful comments about Chrissy Teigan where he referred to her as an “ugly b*tch” and told her to “s*ck a d*ck ” during a live Twitch rant.

The latter subsequently resulted in DJ Akademiks notably being suspended by Complex and Twitch, which Freddie Gibbs delighted in as he was praying for the media personality to lose his job. Ak apologized for the debacle and informed his fans that he would be back within a two-week time frame. This isn’t the case, however, as Ak took to Instagram earlier today to announce that he has been officially fired from Complex and permanently banned from Twitch while simultaneously teasing an upcoming track of his titled, “Uber Eats Freestyle”.

The post was captioned, “Since Meek Mill cancelled me and got me fired from Complex and banned for life from Twitch… I gotta resurrect my rap career… LIL AK is back reporting live from the otherside of the TRENCHES!!!!!!! UBER EATS FREESTYLE OTW.”

There have been numerous reactions to his revelations as fans struggle to come to terms with the news. Many question the validity and truth of his statements, while others feel that he is responsible as a direct consequence of his actions. Others have gone on to memorialize his Twitch stream sessions while one user made reference to his new track stating, “You not Curtis 50 cent Jackson ni*ga… u making fun of yourself is not gonna give u a pass.”

Meek has yet to sound off on the allegations, but we can keep our eyes and ears peeled, as time will reveal the truth of Ak’s claims.