50 Cent Blast Pop Smoke’s Team, Reacts To Police Arresting Murder Suspects

50 Cent says he is done working with Pop Smoke’s team going forward while sharing his reaction to reports police captured five men responsible for murdering Pop.

Since the untimely death of Brooklyn rapper Pop Smoke, 50 Cent has played a prominent role in posthumously honoring Pop’s legacy. Fif not only spoke at the funeral, but also took over creative control of Pop’s album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, which has been performing exceptionally well on the charts since its release. Now Fifty is speaking out about Thursday morning’s arrest of five individuals believed to be involved in Pop Smoke’s murder.

Taking to Instagram to post the news, 50 Cent captioned the TMZ article, “oh sh*t, what the f*ck was the police waiting for his album to drop too. R.I.P. Pop smoke”. The comment seems to be an attempt at a morbid joke and suggests that Fifty doesn’t have much faith in the police when it comes to solving Pop’s murder in a timely fashion. Three adults and two juveniles were arrested in connection to the incident that cost Smoke his life.

In February, four masked gunman entered Pop’s rented Hollywood home in an alleged robbery, but many speculated his death was the result of a targeted hit after he was shot and killed. Other people staying in the house at the time were left unharmed.

Details of the charges against those arrested have not yet been released, but the individuals are currently being booked and interviewed by investigators in the case. Early investigations found that Pop Smoke and friends staying with him at the time of his death had posted pictures online of large amounts of money and designer goods inside the house, and some of those photos contained the address he was staying at.

This information seemed to support the theory of a robbery gone wrong, but the perpetrators only took a few items from the house and chose to leave behind more expensive merchandise, leading investigators to question the motive. Let’s hope Pop and his family see justice very soon.

It’s unclear what 50 Cent beef with Pop Smoke’s management team is all about, but he is making it clear that he won’t be working with them going forward. “I’m really not feeling the way the guys involved with Pop’s project are handling things, I got it to this point it’s gonna be the #1 album. That’s good enough right, I’m gonna be unavailable moving forward peace,” Fif wrote on IG.