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50 Cent Rips Meek Mill In Interview With Lil Wayne, Meek Respond Calling Fif “Corny”

Meek Mill and 50 Cent

50 Cent ripped into Meek Mill during his recent sit down with Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio, and now Meek is responding.

50 Cent always has something to say about somebody, so it’s no surprise to hear him calling people out once again during his latest public discussion with Lil Wayne on Young Money Radio. The segment lasted over an hour, with Fifty touching on several subjects, including the recent comments made by Meek Mill. Fif elected not to use Meek’s name this time around, but it was very clear who he was referring to.

“If you said to me—I’m not going to say who I’m talking about—if you represent prison reform, how are you signed to a correctional officer, and you managed by a snitch? Help me, help me with this man,” Fif pondered. While Lil Wayne laughed in response to Fifty’s exaggerated confusion, Fif went on to contemplate the deeper meaning of success, saying, “Let’s say success is for your life to be the way you want your life to be. And who the f*ck knows exactly what they want?”

While it seems like he may have pivoted to be more forgiving of Meek’s alleged hypocrisy, the moment was still a standout portion of the interview in the wake of the recent interactions between DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill. The Philly rapper has also seemingly respond on Twitter. “They tryna group up on cuz corny ni**az lol,” he tweeted.

Meek Mill, being labeled as a hypocrite, is nothing new. The socially and politically active rapper recently called for DJ Akademiks to be canceled by the hip hop community, to which AKs responded by pointing out some of Meek’s questionable canceling history. Meek encouraged rappers to abandon all support for Tekashi 6ix9ine after he agreed to testify against his gang associates. However, he continues to work for a record label that is run by a former DEA informant. While Meek’s commitment to prison reform is admirable and undeniable, Fifty does have a point when he suggests if Meek is going to talk about it, he should be about it.