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Tommy Lee Sparta Calls For End To Gun Violence, Homage Rygin King & Shenseea

Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta is calling for an end to gun violence in Jamaica while paying homage to Rygin King who is currently recording from gunshot wounds.

Over the last three decades, crime and violence have become the unremovable stains plastered across the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica. The island recorded over 1,326 murders in 2019, and the current trend for 2020 seems set on keeping pace with its predecessor. St. James alone as recorded over 50 death since the start of the year, which is a mind-boggling figure when one considered that countrywide curfews were implemented to help flatten the COVID-19 curve.

It has become evident that the murderers have no real regard for human life no matter one’s age or social stature. One bloody weekend in the volatile community of Flankers almost claimed the life of Tommy Lee Sparta’s daughter. Bullets sprayed at a rival only narrowly missed her vital area, striking her arm instead. An eight-year-old boy was not so lucky and died after being peppered with bullets. The community has experienced even more murders since the deadly attack in May, as warring factions trade lives.

One of Jamaica’s most promising acts, Rygin King, also hails from the eruptive community of Flanker. Sadly, gunmen waged a brutal attack against the entertainer and other companions in his car, when they stopped to attend to car troubles in Westmoreland while coming back from a funeral last Sunday. The attack has left Rygin King’s girlfriend dead and the entertainer and another man nursing gunshot wounds. Law enforcement has yet to determine a motive for the attempted assassination. However, some social media users are of the belief that it has to do with the ongoing turf war in Flanker.

Nonetheless, fans of Rygin King are overjoyed that he is out of surgery and is on his way to recovery. The dancehall community has condemned the assassination attempt, and the “Uncle Demon” deejay is taking it one step further to that remind his fans that “Violence is not the solution! Unity will make our land a better place.” He continued his post by wishing the hospitalized deejay a “Speedy recovery” before sending condolences to the entertainer’s family.

“Blessings goes out to you and your family,” he penned. The caption fells below a video of the “Tuff” deejay vibing to Tommy Lee’s track “Blessings.”

The post has been viewed more than 100k times and has attracted over 1000 comments, with many praising Tommy Lee for always coming through with good music. Other commenters continued to wish Rygin a speedy recovery.

In another post, Tommy Lee Sparta sent condolences to dancehall artiste Shenseea, who recently lost her mother. “My deepest condolences to you and your family, @shenseea ! Be strong! May she Rest In Peace!” – wrote Tommy Lee.

In reference to the 1King, let’s hope that he makes a full physical and mental recovery after this incident. Tommy’s “Blessings” should definitely help with some perspective, as the Sparta Boss sing, “Me have some place weh me nah go back / me know few bridge wa affi bun dung.”