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‘Pressure” Koffee Partnered With Designer Thom Browne, Performed Upcoming Single

Koffee strengthens her global status as she partners with fashion designer Thom Browne for Highsnobiety’s “Not In Paris” online exhibition on Monday, June 29.

Back in January, Koffee made history as at only 19 years old, she became the youngest female to have won a Grammy. She also became the first woman to win the coveted Best Reggae Album award and the youngest person to have ever done so. Following this monumental win, she turned heads at the red carpet reception donning a black tuxedo and a matching overcoat by New York-based fashion designer Thom Browne.

It appears that Thom loved seeing his clothing on the reggae singer as he personally selected her for his showcase in the online exhibition by Highsnobiety. This is truly a great opportunity for Koffee to build her international repertoire as Highsnobiety is a German-based global entertainment and multimedia brand. They specialize in covering the latest fashion trends and streetwear. They also center their pieces around fashion, art, music, and culture, featuring some of the most exclusive brands that are not easily accessible on its online store.

Now Koffee is no novice when it comes to fashion, you can certainly refer to her as a trendsetter in that aspect as well. She boasts a very unique and masculine fashion style as she typically sports looks consisting of pants, jackets, and sneakers. The “Toast” singer has received harsh backlash due to her look, and many have questioned her sexuality as a result. Case in point her Grammy outfit, she was berated online for the tuxedo piece as fans referred to her as a man. Speaking out about the incident, she stated, “I wanted an outfit I knew I could wear all day, still feel good and confident in, and that suit represented that for me after I tried a few. I am a person who dresses to be comfortable; I did not allow the Grammy Awards name and won’t allow the title to stop me from doing that.”

This new partnership with Thom Browne has forced fans to eat their words as Koffee rises above social norms to cement herself as a fashion icon adding to her already impressive skill set. For the event, Koffee was able to comfortably pick from a wide variety of options. “A suitcase full of Thom Browne’s clothing was sent to Jamaica; creative direction, filming and post-production all happened within a week, and the result is phenomenal,” stated designer label, Thom Browne.

In a statement via Highsnobiety’s website, Thom Browne divulged why he chose Koffee, “I liked the idea of doing something interesting and individual, and new for me. I wanted it to be more of an image piece than a fashion piece, this was most important. I didn’t want it to fit into a season, I wanted to show how my collection evolved, not in the fashion world, but in the [real] world.”

In collaboration with the fashion statement, Koffee also performed an original unreleased track titled, “Pressure”. The track revolves heavily around various issues that many in the world are struggling with today. She empathizes whilst giving her usual empowering speech telling people to push through, “never give up nor give in” and to turn to God in prayer. In the video for the exhibition, Koffee sports a pinstriped gray tux with matching oversized blazer. She pairs that with ankle-length pants, a matching tie, and she dons a plain inside shirt. On her feet, she rocks a pair of gorgeous black and white loafers.

The theme for the video is summertime, as it is shot in the backyard of an old house surrounded by lush green trees and bushes. You get that calm and peaceful country-side feeling as you picture a car in the yard and a little goat tied to a fence by rope. The video is available for viewing on YouTube but was broefly removed due to copyright by either Koffee or her label.

Despite that, we know that this major opportunity signifies another win for the young reggae queen.