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Blueface Baby Mama Smacks Him In The Face On IG In Viral Video

Blueface Jaidyn Alexis

Blueface received a hand to the face from his baby mama in a IG video that has since gone viral.

Last month, Blueface’s car was vandalized after his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis became overcome with a jealous rage. She used a metal pooper scooper to bang on the doors of the “Holy Moly” rapper’s car, as well as smash his windows. The violent act was reportedly a result of Alexis catching Blue with another woman at his home. Not only did she accused him of eating rear end, but she also said he ran for dear life when she pulled up on him.

Blueface blamed his baby mama drama on his penis game, but refrained from confronting her as he stayed in the house while she destroyed his property.

The volatile aspect of their relationship was present once again in the latest clip that the Californian rapper put on social media. During the Instagram Live session, the couple can continuously be heard telling each other to “Shut the f*** up!” At one point, Alexis slaps the 23-year-old who is lying on the bed. He giggles and tells her that he was singing a Big Sean song, but Javaughn’s mother was clearly not impressed.

Blueface is no stranger to a little aggression. Earlier this month, he and YK Osiris went a couple of rounds at the make-shift boxing ring at his LA home. Fighting shirtless and with blue gloves (of course), the 23-year-old commended the “Worth It” singer for being a fair opponent. “I give it up to @ykosiris,” he wrote alongside a video of the match. “Ain’t no b****. most these rap n****s won’t even pull up to play da game wit me.”

Perhaps Blueface needs the practice to deal with Alexis?