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50 Cent Shoot Video With Roddy Ricch For New Pop Smoke Song Off Posthumous Album

50 Cent and Roddy Ricch went behind the camera for a video shoot for an upcoming Pop Smoke single.

As a result of the race riots which have erupted all over America, the release of Pop Smoke’s posthumous album has been pushed back to July 03, 2020. While the circumstances warranting the date change are truly sad, it has seemingly provided enough time for 50 Cent, who is the executive producer of the album, to complete a music video for a Roddy Ricch assisted track number, which he also features on.

We were let in on the happenings when 50 Cent posted a couple of shots from the day of the shoot. Needless to say, he kept it classy by sporting a semi-pimp gear, minus the white gloves of course. Roddy Ricch drew for something simple; sporting a black t-shirt and jeans. We are still unsure of what the audio sounds like however, Fif shout share some additional snippets as the day of release draws closer.

Pop Smoke 50cent & @roddyricch this sh*t is outta of here,” penned Fif under the post of the images before concluding, “She want to F__k wit the Woo.”

In another post, 50 Cent praised the “High Fashion” rapper for his savvy business sense. “I asked @roddyricch what kinda car he got, he said real-estate. I said this little ni66a smart. he on his own wave. LOL like that,” he added in the caption. Based on Fif’s knack for business, it’s almost certain that the two discussed much more than music while on the set.

Another one of Fifty’s early posts was an exert from one of Pop Smoke’s interviews in which the budding rapper spoke on liking him. “Yeah, I like 50. I ain’t gon’ lie, 50, [I] grew up on 50. N****s be saying we cousins and sh*t,” said Pop Smoke.


The G-Unit top man acknowledged the family ties in the caption before mentioning that the album should bring some serious heat. “Yeah we the Jackson’s. POP Album is crazy, y’all gonna bug out off this,” he wrote.

“Make It Rain” is the only song that has been released from Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon so far. The song which features Rowdy Rebel as already amassed over 3 million views since dropping on June 12. Fans are keenly eyeing Pop Smoke’s Youtube platform to see what other tracks they will be privy to before the album’s official release.