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Kendrick Lamar Unlikely To Return Because He’s Under Appreciated

Will Kendrick Lamar ever return to rap.

Hip hop could be losing the services of one of its greatest orators as a result of cancel culture. The ease at which ‘canceled’ is tossed around makes it a crazy world for entertainers who could see their entire fanbase diminished within hours of an unpopular opinion or action, or lack thereof. We have seen a couple of persons canceled in recent years. However, no one would have ever thought that Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole would almost be on the chopping blocks. Both rappers were called out for what some people saw as their meek/submissive reactions to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, especially when their entire catalogs preach the growth of the black race.

In a move seemingly to appease the disgruntled masses, meanwhile addressing one of his biggest critics the Chicago rapper Noname, Cole crafted “Snow On Tha Bluff.” Sadly, the move got severe mixed reactions and Cole was even forced to hop onto Twitter to address the backlash. Noname has since issued a response to Cole’s song when she dropped “Song 33.” Kendrick Lamar, on the other hand, has been spotted on the frontline after his march in Compton. However, the fact still remains that he has yet to offload any new music. As the demands from fans grow, the president of Kendrick’s label Top Dawg Entertainment has seemingly relayed just why no music has been released.

In response to a fan, request Punch said, “Nah. Ni**as don’t appreciate it.”

“One of the best ways to keep ppl oppressed is to divide them. Or aid in them dividing themselves..” said the topman in a previous tweet.

Many fans threw their support behind the move for Kendrick to not release any new music. “See y’all tried to cancel Kendrick last night now y’all want him to return. Watch him never come back. I wouldn’t blame him sh*t. This is why Beyoncé stays in the shadows,” commented one fan.

“Kendrick needa stay in the cut cause the way things are lookin if he drop a track now he gon get cancelled,” advised another.

Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9 ? had a sitdown HipdopDX where he discussed the backlash both Cole and Kendrick have been facing. He also touched on Lil Wayne and Flloyd Mayweathers’s approach to the situation.

According to Royce, “you got other people who are challenging J. Cole and Kendrick to shift some of the focus off of them because they ain’t doing sh*t. So I think there’s places where it’s valid and there’s places where it’s just bullsh*t. It’s just like trolling.” He added that Lamar and Cole should feel above the moon to be seen as messengers of the revolution because of their powerful discography.

He then shifted focus to Wayne and Mayweather. Tunechi as never been categorized as a conscious rapper, nor has the legendary boxer ever been viewed as a champion for the people. Royce pointed out that their comments “just shows [their] detachment from what’s going on.”

“There’s a deeper problem there. That’s what happens when you give your entire life to your craft. ..People who are that great and who invest their entire selves to something are like fishes out of water when they’re not doing it no more,” Royce explained.

Do you believe that Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole should be doing more?