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Kylie Jenner Previews Unreleased Travis Scott Song

Kylie Jenner got Travis Scott’s fans in a frenzy when she previewed an unreleased track of his.

While promoting her upcoming make-up launch, the “Kendall x Kylie” collaboration for her company Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner gave fans a taste of her rapper ex-boyfriend’s unreleased song, “My World”. The promo was posted to Kylie’s Instagram account over the weekend.

Travis Scott fans are excited to receive a new album since the incredible “Astroworld” dropped back in August of 2018. It is a good possibility though that fans could see their wishes granted as the rapper has been releasing a few new tracks. With the recent drop of “The Scotts” which features Kid Cudi fans gear up for what could very well be a winter album. He also has a new song with Rosalia and back in December he dropped “Jackboys”.

This isn’t the first time Kylie previewed a song of his while promoting her brand as “Highest In The Room” was one such song which she previewed in April 2019. She also previewed the first snippet of Don Toliver’s “Euphoria” in January 2020.

Hopping onto Instagram, Kylie shared the advertisement which includes her sister Kendall Jenner. It is pretty incredible that although they have broken up, she utilizes every opportunity to push his music. Throughout the entirety of the ad, the banger of a track plays in the background.

“White clouds blowin’ out when we maxin’ .45, not the size but it kick?up?(Kick up) / Highlight of?my life, main attraction / Squat down, work?it out, make it sit up (Sit up) / Your world, controllin’ it, watch what happen / My world on my finger, I just spin it (Spin it) / Hood girl, we’re gettin’ paper as a passion / Collect the stacks and bring it back, man, that take vision (Vision),” he spits with his signature fire flow.

Fans quickly take to the comments to ask when the track will be released while debating back and forth as to how long it will take. Seeing that the snippet has led to the song already being classified as a hit, we hope Travis takes the initiative to officially release it sooner than later