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Boosie Badazz Depressed After Not Seeing His Kids On Father’s Day

Father’s Day wasn’t a happy day for Boosie Badazz who complained about not seeing all of his kids.

Whether it is during an interview or while on social media, Boosie Badazz regularly speaks on his undeniable love for his kids. It could be this unconditional love that has led him to perform some of his most radical parenting moves. Sadly, it seems that those moves, and possibly others that we are not privy to, have now led to a day of gloom on what should have been a day to rejoice, being the father of 8 kids.

The ever-controversial rapper took to social media to let the world aware that he is not even the least bit interested in Father’s Day. “F**K FATHERS DAY F**K FATHERS DAY F**K FATHERS DAY,” Boosie passionately wrote in his caption. He went on to explain why he was having such a terrible June 21, in a text-based post.

“Thanks for the FATHERS DAY wishes everybody but truth is I don’t have but 2 of my kids on my side for Father’s Day n I’m not in a good mood at all. It’s just not right how I’m being treated as a father. It’s just SAD,” he continued in his emotionally driven post.

He added that “IT doesn’t matter what you do as a father you still we be treated like sh_t.” It still a mystery as to what happened why Boosie was barred from his other kids. However, he decided to point the finger at the collective of ‘Black Women,” something he paid dearly for in the comments.

“Black women r so jealous n evil towards black men who r loved by their kids,” he remarked before explaining just how the rest of his day would pan out, “IM BOUT TO GET HIGH OFF THE GARY PAYTON N GO GET N MY POOL N CHILL.”

Many of the comments saw his recent revelation of allowing his underage sons and nephews to engage in sexual acts with an adult as a good enough reason for his kids to be out of his reach. He also picked up a lot of heat for generalizing black women, especially during a period of deep racial awakening, along with a push for greater unity in the black communities.

While Boosie did not get to have all of his kids with him physically, he was able to bask in their presence through a customized cake with a family portrait fused to it. The words “Happy Father’s Day to the Best Dad Ever” were splashed across the top. He also shared a few images of his youngest daughter to his Instagram Stories. Boosie also showed that he is a man of his words when he shared a video of himself as he stroked across his swimming pool.

Let’s hope that Boosie and his baby mamas are able to patch things up for the sake of the kids.