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Doja Cat Savagely Trolled On Her Return To Twitter

Doja Cat’s fans has not yet forgiven her.

Just a few weeks ago, Doja Cat was one of the most sought-after artists and had a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. However, proving once again that the internet is a force to be reckoned with and your past will always catch up with you, Doja Cat has come dangerously close to being canceled after accusations of racist and homophobic behavior began popping up online.

Videos of the singer allegedly participating in alt-right chat rooms began circulating on social media, with some users claiming the clips were old, while others said she currently hangs out in questionable spaces online in her spare time. After stepping away from the public eye and social media for a few weeks, Doja returned to Twitter Monday night with a post that read, “This f*ckin world sucks.”

Followers and trolls on Twitter immediately bombarded the pop singer with questions and responses, asking, “WHY ARE YOU BACK?” Several Twitter users called on Doja to apologize, to which she finally replied, “FINE…. I’m…… I’m……. sorry that I couldn’t see sooner that you’re a f**king loser pleb with micro c*ck f*ck off chump.” Clearly Doja is not interested in saying sorry to anyone at this time.

As her time on Twitter increased, Doja began to spiral into what seemed like an attitude of depression and defeat. She responded to one Twitter user who tweeted, “You seem upset” by saying, “Oh if you only knew.” She also took the time to share a petition calling for justice for Toyin Salau, a Black Lives Matter activist who was murdered, before ending her Twitter visit with a hopeless sentiment, saying, “It doesn’t matter how much time or effort you devote to something because eventually it will be destroyed.” It doesn’t seem like Doja Cat is feeling very good about the future of her career at this point.