Bounty Killer & Foota Hype Squash Their Beef Despite Controversial Witchcraft Statement

Bounty Killer and Foota Hype ended their beef on the Gram following the selector’s controversial witchcraft statement.

Bounty Killer and Foota Hype have rested their long time rivalry in a show of maturity welcomed by their fans. For the second straight year, Foota sent birthday greetings to the ‘warlord’, expressing gratitude for all Bounty has contributed to the selector’s career.

“If @grunggadzilla accepts or approve this post, is not my business. We have had bad moments, but that will never cloud my memory of all the good he did for me and my music career. I wish Mr. Pryce long life and prosperity and superb health with a lot of wealth. Happy new year to the dancehall Gad,” he shared. Bounty not only recognized but responded to Foota’s gesture after effectively ignoring him in the past, pointing to possible reconciliation after years of having a bitter feud.

The ‘Fed Up’ deejay’s birthday weekend brought out the likes of Dre Island, Richie Stephens, and ZJ Bambino in great celebration. It seems the sentiments and festivities also moved Bounty into a forgiving mood, allowing Foota to make his concession unlike in previous years. “GIVE THANKS, BLESS UP,” he wrote, finally changing his disposition after years of mutual hostility.

Fans of the two dancehall veterans realize the significance of the move and the step towards unity. Throughout their grudges, there were insults, threats, and accusations —everything from online arguments to allegations of witchcraft. Putting aside their egos, both seem ready to let bygones be bygones to restore their once famous friendship, and the fans are here for it.

“Good move,” “real way,” and “unity” were among the most popular posts while others took the time to spell out what they knew it meant for future generations and the genre overall. One fan wrote, “Jah know @footahypemusic yuh a real G….Blessup this is such a wonderful example to follow….FHM…Happy earthstrong Killa #1general”, while another wrote “Respec dis.. Big man move, always respec where u forwarding from n who pave di way.. #FHM #GRUNGGAADZILLA.. HBD..”

Is it too soon to tell if this will last? Or do yo agree with the hopeful fan who shared, “Rate da 1 ya @footahypemusic same so love fi spread caaz a unuh ah di example fi di yute dem of today and tomorrow and di day dem afta.”