Spice Leads Vybz Kartel Poll For His Best Female Collab, Shenseea Gets Snub

Spice and Vybz Kartel pic

Spice edged out other female dancehall artistes for Vybz Kartel’s best female collaboration.

Interestingly Shenseea got a major snubbed when the Gaza boss posted the poll on his IG with her collab, “Lodi” being one of his major hits over the past few years. Vybz Kartel seems set on creating a bit of mischief amidst the release of his new album Of Dons & Divas by asking fans to compare some of the best voices and production talent to have ever worked with or being a part of the GAZA. One of the questions sees Kartel asking fans to choose the “BEST KARTEL COLLAB (FEMALE).” The talents which Kartel decided to compare include Spice, Gaza Slim, also known as Vanessa Bling, slain singer Keshan, and Sheba.

With nearly 2000 comments attached to the post, many fans felt that the self-proclaimed Queen of the Dancehall Grace ‘Spice’ Hamilton, was deserving of the title. Not surprisingly, Spice endorses herself in the comments, joking, “Haffie me, bye.” Her collabs with Vybz Kartel include, “Conjugal Visit,” “Back Way,” “Who God Bless,” and the “Miss Independent” remake “Ramping Shop.” The controversial 2008 release fell out of favor with local bodies, which eventually led to it being banned from the Jamaican airwaves. However, the song found favor in international markets and entered Billboard charts at 96.
One fan seemed to have summed up the last effects of the song perfectly, stating, “Romping shop is legendary and will remain that way.”

Kartel’s right-hand Shawn Storm also endorsed the “Sheet” singer in the comments. “Afi seh Grace Tek dah one yah my don yuhhNuhKnoDattt.” Spice was even endorsed by one of the competitors when Sheba, now known as Sheba Di Diva, made it known that “His GREATEST collab a wid spice.”

However, Sheba did not leave herself out of the equation and made it known that Kartel’s BEST collabs are with her. Sheba and Vybz have collaborated on sultry tracks such as the single “Like Xmas,” “You & Him Touch,” “Don’t Tek It Out,” “Gaza Man Mi Name” and the relationship anthem “Do Me Dat”, which found its way on the England Town Riddim.

Not to be outdone by her competitors, Vanessa Bling’s fans also came in heavy. “The best a wid Slim enuh,” commented one fan before acknowledging the work done with Keshan, “but yu have some bbc chune wid Kesh deh dawq.” Collaborations with Gaza Slim include, “Nah Lef Yuh,” “Too Rude,” “Like A Radio,” “Everything You Need,” “Celebrate,” “Stop Gwan Like Yuh Tuff,” “Marry And Done,” “Can’t Do Without Me,” “Anything A Anything,” “So Much Woman,” and a host of other tracks.

While Keshan’s discography does not quite match up to the other females on the list, her collaborations with Vybz Kartel are also quite potent. “Bubble Up Yuh Body,” “Kill or Die,” “Don’t Lie,” and “The Goods,” are some of the noteworthy fusions between the two. One fan was taken down memory lane as she remembered one of the high points of the now-deceased singer’s career. “Member when u lock dung old harbor wid Keshan? Btw a Keshan #KillOrDie”

Keshan, whose real name is Kenneisha Brown, was shot and killed by her estranged partner, who is a licensed firearm holder after she waged an attack on him in an alleged domestic dispute over cheating allegations. We continued to send our condolences to the family of Keshan.

We would love to know who is your favorite female artiste to have collaborated with Vybz Kartel?