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Quavo Reveals Lil Wayne Inspired Him To Finish High School

Quavo is crediting Lil Wayne with a lot more than inspiring him musically.

Quavo may be the eldest member of Migos, but at 29, he had never completed high school, at least until now. When the Class of 2020 at Berkmar High School graduates this summer, Quavo will be amongst them. The Atlanta rapper, whose real name is Quavious Marshall, attended the Georgia skill back in the late 2000s and was even the starting quarterback of its football team during the 2009 season. Despite being a champion athlete, Quavo dropped out just months before he was set to graduate. I couldn’t follow nobody’s rules,” he previously told Rolling Stone during an interview. “I knew I was going to be somebody.”

It seems, however, that not completing high school might have been weighing on Quavo’s mind, or perhaps now that he’s older, he has gained different insight, but the 29-year-old decided to go back and complete his senior year. “I was doing stuff for the community and the school and everything. The school was always involved and just me being considered like a dropout, you’re not really an alumni,” Quavo said while chatting with Lil Wayne during his Apple Beats 1 radio show. “My principal was a teacher of mine back in the day. He ended up being principal now and shout out to Principal Williams. Man, he hit me up and was like, ‘Man, you should go back and get it.’ And I just went back and got it.”

The “Need It” rapper then told Weezy that it was the Young Money artist finally graduating after dropping out at the age of 14 that inspired him to get his high school diploma.”

The new graduate shared a picture of himself in his blue gown and cap on his Instagram, proudly declaring that he was part of Berkmar’s Class of 2020 and asked his followers which college he should consider.