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Romeo Miller & Master P Exposed Growing Up Hip Hop Producers Over Angela Simmons Drama

Romeo Miller and Master P
Romeo Miller, Master P

Reality shows are usually not reality and as viewers, you should always remember that.

As much as series like Growing Up Hip Hop, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and Love & Hip Hop appears to depict what is truly going on in the lives of those we are watching, producers behind the scenes usually have ideas in mind and orchestrate the stars to play them out. Romeo Miller and Angela Simmons were reportedly victims of this, as producers on “Growing Up Hip Hop” wanted to create a romantic relationship between them. This, as well as other misrepresentations of storylines, led to Romeo eventually exiting the show.

Master P shared a video clip on Instagram that shows what went on behind the cameras between “GUHH” producers, Romeo, and himself. One of the show’s producers informed the hip hop mogul of their plan to have his son and Angela fall in love. “Why do you want to see them fall in love? There’s no love there,” P said. “She lost her husband, or her boyfriend, or baby daddy. She lost him. He got murdered. She don’t need another relationship right now.”

Talking to TMZ about Romeo’s departure, Master P called out the production companies for stirring drama for ratings and chopping up scenes to focus on negatives as oppose to positives. He also called out reality shows for destroying families and blamed Growing Up Hip Hop for allegedly breaking up the Dash family. Urban Islandz previously reported that Damon Dash is suing GUHH producers for making his son consume alcohol on the show.

Master P revealed that Romeo Miller ended up quitting Growing Up Hip Hop because he feared that his words would be twisted before it goes on the air, similarly to what they did to him. “I’m only showing you this so next time you’re watching this show you can use your real judgement and see how they flip peoples words and change positive moments into negative,” P wrote on his Instagram. “I’m praying for the Simmon’s family and the other families on the show, so they can see through this Bs too.”

Sounds like a reminder to watch with a pinch of salt.