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Wendy Williams Blast Future And His Baby Mamas, “He’s Pathetic And So Are You”

Wendy Williams is discussing the “King of Fertility” rapper Future again, in her usual tone – with a hint of disgust.

Wendy isn’t at all shocked that Future has legally gained another child, she just thinks the rapper should go ahead and “tie it in a knot now.” Future and the rest of the world found out this week that he is the biological parent of a one-year-old baby girl, officially making him a father of eight kids with eight baby mommas. The TV host says she’s exhausted at this point and is tired of hearing about the rapper spreading his seeds across the land as she criticized him profusely during a recent episode of Wendy @ Home. Wendy also admonished the women who have been intimate with Future as well.

“I say he’s pathetic and so are you if you dare lay down with this man,” she said in the video making the rounds online. “You think nothing of yourself. I’m talking about Future. And they say he’s worth $40 million dollars, sooooo what?! Eight kids, the DNA test is confirmed? Congratulations. The most recent one is one, so it took a year. Eliza Reign, she’s the one Future always said she calls Future ‘the bag.'”

She elaborated further on Future’s newly confirmed baby momma with, “Check baby? That’s pretty pathetic of her,” she said. Wendy Williams also chided Eliza Reign for wanting Future to pay her $53,000 per month for child support, a sum she described as a lot of money.

“Future, you need to tie it in a knot and leave it alone, although I guarantee you, this time next year he’ll have two more kids,” Williams continues. “No condom-wearing, nasty …. talented though. But who cares?”

Eliza Reign has already denied ever calling her baby a “check baby” earlier this year in February when Future accused her of doing so.

The mother of Future’s one-year-old daughter has been trying to get the rapper to take the test for over a year now, but the two have had quite a tumultuous relationship. On top of Eliza drawing up the paternity lawsuit against Future, the rapper filed documents with the court for invasion of privacy, defamation, and harassment in return. What wasn’t thrown out is still being looked into it appears. Earlier this week, a judge confirmed the DNA match between Future and the baby, Reign Wilburn. It was a “humble” victory for the baby’s mom, who Future accused of lying about the baby’s paternity before.

Do you think Wendy Williams was a bit harsh about Future’s situation, or was she spot on?