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Future Gets Called Out After DNA Test Proves He Fathered Eliza Reign’s Baby

Future has legally been named the father of his long “alleged” 8th child by Eliza Reign.

After more than a year of Eliza Reign campaigning for rapper Future to “take the test,” the truth has finally been revealed. On Sunday, Future sent out a series of “Happy Mother’s Day” tweets to the other mothers he has fathered children with, but Eliza wasn’t a part of the gang. It was later reported that the rapper was, in fact, the father of Eliza’s daughter after the paternity test results were made public.

Future has been contesting Eliza’s claims about him being the baby’s father since 2018. Baby Reign just had her first birthday, and Eliza has been trying to get Future to own up to his responsibilities since she was pregnant. She reached out to him multiple times until she was allegedly forced to take it public on social media. That’s when Future started accusing her of defamation, invasion of privacy, and harassment. Regardless of that, Eliza persisted and filed a paternity lawsuit against the rapper, the results of which are just now being published.

Future declined to take the test at first, which led to Eliza pushing his buttons on Instagram – doing things like printing “1 (800) DEADBEAT” T-shirts for the cause and even changing her IG name to “Just Take The Test” at one point. Eliza also teamed up with another of Future’s baby’s mothers, Cindy Parker, in December to show that their children were related. That DNA test reportedly proved that their children were half-siblings. That being said, Future has essentially been proven to have fathered two children with the results of the new paternity test.

The rapper was absent from the videoconference court hearing on Monday, where the judge read that he was more than a 99 percent match for Baby Reign’s biological father. Eliza’s attorney additionally said, “The DNA did confirm that Mr. Wilburn is the child’s father,” according to Bossip. Eliza didn’t take the opportunity to gloat like an episode of The Maury Show but instead took the high road after the test results were revealed. The social media influencer and model shared a photo to Instagram of her in a beige pantsuit after the court hearing with the caption, “Humble.”

When Future paid respects online to six of his baby’s mothers on Mother’s Day with Eliza noticeably excluded, he probably had no idea that the following day the DNA test results would prove that he was the father of another daughter. The ShadeRoom shared the news on Instagram when Love and Hip Hop star and Future’s friend Masika Kalysha commented, “gone head n send that Happy belated Mother’s Day tweet sent to the fleet.”

Future seemed to be fired up because he responded directly to her in the comments. “@masikakalysha u know me in real life.. find someone else to comment on!” he wrote back. He also took to Twitter in what seemed like a subliminal for Eliza writing, “Teach these hoes how to keep they business off the internet..”

Eliza previously requested in court documents that her baby daddy pay $53,000 per month in child support, but the rapper was cagey about his income just as he was about taking a swab to the mouth. Now that the truth is out, it’s not certain how much Future will have to pay, but at least it’s a step in the right direction, and baby Reign can start to get some of the support that the rapper provides to his other children. After all, she is biologically entitled.