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Nicki Minaj Like All Of Us Wants To See Doja Cat’s Boobs After “Say So” Debut At No. 1

It looks like fans aren’t alone in their desire to see Doja Cat let it all hang out.

Today, after almost a complete day of “Billboard Hot 100” trending on Twitter in celebration of the No. 1 neck-and-neck battle between the “Say So” and “Savage” remixes, Doja and Nicki enjoyed their win when “Say So” came out on top. Nicki Minaj admitted that she wants to see Doja Cat’s boobs too. Prior to the announcement that their hit remix went No. 1 on Billboard, Doja Cat teased that she would show her boobs on social media when it happened. “If ‘Say So’ hits #1 I’ll show you guys my boobs really hard,” the rapper wrote.

Even Nicki jumped on the bandwagon of Twitter users jabbing Doja to follow through, wondering, “What time are u showing your boobs?” Of course, in truth, Doja never had any real intention of revealing her breasts in return for those streams, even confessing as much during her Instagram live-stream celebration. “I’m just going to be honest with you guys, I did play you. I’m not showing my boobs,” the rapper admitted.

While some fans were not at all surprised that Doja was bluffing, others were sorely disappointed by the admitting it. Of course, the jokes rolled in on Twitter almost as soon as she said it too – even a crack about resurrecting the #DojaCatIsOverParty hashtag that was originally started by Nicki’s fanbase, the Barbz before she and Doja announced they collaborated.

Doja Cat later compensated for running games on her fans by giving them a soft porn show on Instagram Live. The rapper was making some very loud kissing noises as she pushed her pouted pink lips towards the camera for a close-up while she moaned equally loudly. Do you think that was better than her boobs?

Meanwhile, in a surprise, Rolling Stone’s release, the publication which also does its own ranking, dubbed Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” remix with Beyonce as the top ranker. This is a testament to how incredibly close the race was. However, by Billboard’s standards, it seems Meg will have to wait for her first No. 1 celebration — hopefully, she’s not going to end up as frustrated as Doja’s followers.