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50 Cent’s Son Weighs In On Tekashi 6ix9ine Shade

50 Cent’s estranged son, Marquise Jackson, has weighed in on Tekashi 6ixine comments.

There is definitely some context required where all three figures are concerned, and the best place to start would probably be with 50 Cent’s estranged relationship with his firstborn, Marquise Jackson. According to the “Candy Shop” rapper, the dynamic began to change when Marquise was around 10-years-old and took his mother’s side in the beef that she was having with the hip hop artist. Things escalated throughout the years to the point where Fifty publicly disowned Marquise and said he wouldn’t even be touched if the 22-year-old got hit by a bus.

With one son down, 50 Cent had space in his repertoire to fill, and then-upcoming artist, Tekashi 6ix9ine, took the spot. Both he and Fifty were from New York, and the “Power” actor took the rainbow-haired rapper until his wing. Things fell apart there too, however, following 6ix9ine’s court case.

After being arrested, the 23-year-old decided to turn state witness and testify against his fellow members in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. This resulted in his former mentor, 50 Cent, viewing him as a snitch, and although he understood why he did what he did, it meant that their working relationship is now over as Tekashi 6ix9ine is a traitor. “I wouldn’t work with him. What it is, is it’s just against the way I grew up,” 50 said.

Obviously hurt by the comments, the “BEBE” rapper said, “Won’t be the first time 50 abandons his son… lemme just mind my business.” Fifty’s real son got wind of it, and while it would have made sense for him and 6ix9ine to empathize together, that is not the way it went down. “I don’t give a f*** what a rat say,” Marquise said on IG. Boom.

We guess everyone is on their own with this one.