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Jeannie Mai Opens Up About How Jeezy Proposed & Why She Froze

Jeannie Mai just spilled the tea on how exactly Jeezy proposed.

Rapper Jeezy and TV host Jeannie Mai are engaged, and we have all the details about how the proposal went down. The couple who have been dating for a year and a half was supposed to take a trip to Vietnam – where Jeannie is from – with their families. Following the travel restrictions forced by the coronavirus outbreak, they had to, unfortunately, cancel the trip much to their dismay. Little did Jeannie know her rapper boyfriend had huge plans for that trip, and he wasn’t about to let them falter because of a pandemic.

As explained by Jeannie Mai on her YouTube series “Hello Hunnay,” she and “J” had always had some fun, sometimes fancy date nights every week. They agreed to keep it going during the quarantine on an alternate planning basis, so Jeannie didn’t suspect a thing when Jeezy kicked her out and told her to come back at around 8 PM on the first evening of their quarantine date night chapter.

When she returned all dressed up that night, she was transported to Vietnam in this beautiful set up that included actual Vietnam lanterns and dishes. “Here’s the crazy thing – there were actual silk lanterns, the kind that you can only get in Vietnam, hanging on the window.” How he managed to get everything together during a quarantine was mindboggling for his fiancée. Jeezy also went over the top and photoshopped several pictures of them together in the various Vietnamese cities that they were to visit on their trip and put on a slideshow for Jeannie.

The podcast host was probably already thinking it was the best night of her life as she sat at the fireplace with her man. He then managed to uncover the ring box without her noticing and popped the unpredicted question. “I completely froze because I just could not believe that he did this,” Mai said in the video. “I then at that very moment figured it all out: Jay had planned to propose to me in Vietnam. The reason he brought Vietnam to me is because he didn’t want the quarantine to stop the fact that he wanted to propose to me.”

Obviously she said yes but to be exact she said, “Yes because I want nothing more than to live the rest of my life loving you.” The rapper was way ahead with the planning, too, as he had already asked her parents for permission as per Vietnamese tradition. Jeezy put on a video that featured both their parents talking about the engagement showing that they knew before Jeannie did.

The Real Daytime host’s mother, Mama Mai, talked about how much she loved Jeezy and appreciated that he respected their culture and asked first. Her dad also talked about how kind and good his future son-in-law is to Jeannie and that he was happy to allow it when he asked. Even Jeezy’s dad asked them to have the wedding soon so because of how much he really wanted to see them walk down the aisle. “There is nothing wrong with having your soulmate with you,” he said.

Jeannie herself has divulged that she believes Jeezy is her soulmate, and their epic love story is beautiful to see.

Congratulations Jeannie and Jeezy!