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Kehlani Burner Account Exposed Responding To PARTYNEXTDOOR Cheating Single

Kehlani’s burner account got exposed responding to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s cheating saga.

PARTYNEXTDOOR has finally dropped his long-awaited album, PARTYMOBILE, and it isn’t short of things to talk about. While Rihanna making a surprise appearance on the project is one of the main headlines, PND fans have discovered a line from his track “Savage Anthem,” which supposedly speaks to his past relationship with singer Kehlani. If that is not interesting enough, Khelani’s apparent reaction should definitely shock you.

Kehlani’s record of alleged hookups and relationships boasts a respectable list of men and women, such as rapper YG, Javie Young-White, Demi Lovato, Dave East, Shaina Negrón, Kyrie Irving and the Canadian rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR, with whom she had an on-again-off-again relationship. Lani’s relationship with basketballer Kyrie Irving was actually smeared by cheating rumors after it was alleged that she and PND got back together.

During a 2016 interview with Billboard, PND mentioned, “I regret how it went down. Big time I regret how it went down. I look into people’s eyes and I know they think I’m a bad guy. There’s a lot of details that people don’t know.”

The rapper penned a song back in 2016, supposedly commenting on how it all went down. The track got a fresh polish and has been repackaged as “Savage Anthem,” which comes in at number 14 on PND’s newest project PartyMobile.

The exact line from PartyNextDoor goes, “I broke her off in the livin’ room/There is a smell in the livin’ room.” There is also mention of himself heading back to Khelani’s town of Oakland. The “CRZY” singer apparently picked up on the track and spoke out about it on her personal social media account. She said in a now-deleted tweet, “Because I see you’re tryna go viral and this is hella annoying, this is a true story about smelling the OTHER woman thus confirming the cheating, but go off tho fr.”

It seems Lani wasn’t really able to say exactly what she wanted on her main account and opted to log into a burner account to stage a proper defense. Similar to a burner email account, a burner social media account is one that the user has no value in. Therefore, it has no concern in the outcome of the account. Fans picked up on the scent after the avatar-less account began to post similar content to the original tweet Khelani posted.

The account which uses the handle @burnaboy373 mentioned, “He’s talking about the girl he cheated with, don’t be so f**king dense trying to go viral.’

While there isn’t any official confirmation that Khelani was operating the burner account, any other explanation would be truly astonishing.