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Hitmaka, aka Yung Berg, Assault Victim Files For Restraining Order, Claims Death Threats

The woman alleging that Hitmaka assaulted her has officially filed a restraining order against him.

According to information obtained by The Blast, Talia Tilley describes her side of the story in a restraining order filed this week. She says that Hitmaka, also known as Yung Berg, invited her over and sent an Uber to pick her up. The accuser alleges that they hung out and talked at his home where they had intimate relations, and she planned to spend the night. She goes on to say that he woke her up by shaking her and telling her that her phone was continuously ringing.

She says, “ Christian [Hitmaka] was not satisfied with this answer. He kept interrogating me and accusing me of trying to rob him. He demanded that I hand over my phone. Christian then got out of bed and began walking around his home, checking his doors. He kept accusing me of trying to rob him and repeatedly asked me to hand over my phone. I did not want to give him my phone, and we began arguing.”

That is when she says that he became paranoid and started to repeatedly hit her with a weapon that appeared to be a pistol. She says that she began to fight back in self-defense but was pushed to the ground. The statement goes further saying, “I got myself off the ground and ran to the nearby bathroom and locked the door. I begged Christian to just let me go home because I did not know what was wrong or why he was so upset. Christian continued screaming at me through the closed bathroom door. I told him I was going to open the bathroom door and leave to go home.”

She said when she opened the door to leave, she was attacked by him again, and his security approached her and also accused her of trying to rob him. Security was able to get her phone and purse from her and kept it. She claims she was held for hours without any medical attention and before being put out of the home.

After making it to the hospital on her own, Tilley says she suffered multiple injuries, including a broken nose, blay eyes, a swollen face, cuts to her face, and injuries to her ribs. She says she also needed stitches.

The medical staff at the hospital notified the authorities, and an investigation was launched by the LAPD. Tilley’s attorney, Lisa Bloom, filed the restraining order, which has been granted. Hitmaka is ordered to stay no less than 100 feet away from her. At this time, the case remains under investigation by the LAPD.

Talia Tilley and Hitmaka have different accounts of what happened that night, and they both say that information they have proves the other was the aggressor.