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Lil Baby Denies Being Hooked On Percocets, After Viral Water Bottle Video

Lil Baby is addressing drug rumors again, saying he’s still holding out.

In the past decade, we saw a number of entertainers died from drug overdose or come close to it. Atlanta rapper Lil Baby came under heavy scrutiny recently when some of his most recent behaviors during interviews and other camera appearances. The rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to discard those rumors. “I don’t take percocets!” Lil Baby tweeted.

Fans have pointed out several occasions where they speculated that the rapper’s peculiar behavior was a result of him taking percocets or perhaps fighting withdrawals from addiction. In a new interview with the New York Times, Lil Baby addresses the drug abuse rumors.

Lil Baby’s constant association with drugs in his music has allowed people to formulate this opinion of him. As a result, he’s trying his best to rid his songs of these references. “I’m trying. Because I done rapped about drugs that I don’t even take,” he said.

Lil Baby has been pretty productive recently, dropping visuals for collaborations with artists like Lil Wayne and previous collaborator Gunna. The Atlanta rapper recently dropped his new album My Turn, which broke the record for the biggest streaming week of the year and also copped the no. 1 spot on Billboard. The rapper is reportedly working on a mixtape to be released in two months called “Lamborghini Boys.” It sounds like fans will hear a new approach from Lil Baby on his upcoming record. Can you actually picture a project from the rapper without a single pill popping reference?