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Moneybagg Yo & Ari Fletcher Are Extra Icey While Quarantined

We want to go shopping where Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher do.

The new couple likes to keep it ice-cold when it comes to their jewelry, as evidenced in this clip that Ari Fletcher shared on IG. In fact, fans first figured out that something was going on between them when Ari posted a picture to her Instagram of a man’s hand wearing a diamond-encrusted watch and some additional ice on his little finger. It didn’t take the internet too long to figure out that it belonged to the “Word 4 Word” rapper. With their love growing bigger, so are the rocks they’re sporting.

Ari’s latest post on her Instagram Story includes her man showing off the ice around his neck that has its own money bag hanging off it. We’re not sure if it gives him any neck pain, but it does make him look fly. In the corner of the clip, Ms. Fletcher has posted a sticker that read, “That’s just my baby daddy.” Although Moneybagg Yo and Ari do not have any kids of their own, the graphic appears to be a not-so-subtle shot at the women who have borne the rapper’s children.

Ari found herself rolled up in some beef last week when she went after her bae’s baby mama on Twitter. G-Herbo’s ex is known for posting content involving their son, Yosohn, in her own social media, so when Whitney White, aka Juicy Baby, posted a clip of herself with her daughter in the bath, Ari saw red. “To be obsessed with a n**** to the point you start copying his new b**** is just scary,” she wrote in the tweet that was clearly directed at Moneybagg Yo’s ex though no one was specifically called out. “Let it go b****, damn.”

Juicy Baby shot back, of course. “And one more thing, obsessed with my babydaddy” she wrote on IG, adding more than one laughing emoji. “B**** u sound slow ASF ! But since you got so much talk, h*e whats good ?”
Maybe Moneybagg Yo should just buy her some ice to get over it.