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Joe Budden And Jay Electronica Twitter Spar After Podcast Critique Of ‘A Written Testimony’

Another day, another rapper upset that Joe Budden didn’t like their music.

Jay Electronica has joined the growing list of artists that publicly lash out at Joe Budden after he critiques their music on his popular podcast. Jay Elec excited hip-hop fans everywhere when he dropped his long awaited project, A Written Testimony, last week after a decade-long hiatus with no new music from the highly respected MC. But the project that heavily featured Jay-Z – who actually rapped more bars than Jay Elec no his own album – was met with mixed reviews from fans who were underwhelmed at the lack of Electronic raps and the influx of Hov’s.

Joe Budden felt the same and expressed his disappointment on Saturday’s episode of “The Joe Budden podcast”, a platform where he and his co-hosts often review new music and give their opinions. Joe said he didn’t like the production on the album, he didn’t like how the two Jay’s voices sounded together, and he didn’t like the structure of the songs. He even went as far as to say that Hov out-rapped Jay Elec on all of the songs he was featured on.

To no surprise, fans began to react and word got back to the “Exhibit C” rapper who responded to a tweet Tuesday morning and mentioned Budden’s co-host Rory Farrell in his reply. “Joe Budden hasn’t dropped a classic in his life and he’s critiquing Jay Electronica and Hov?,” the fan wrote. Jay Elec replied using a meme of DaBaby saying “f*ck it”, seemingly cosigning the shade at Budden. But the former Slaughterhouse rapper was quick to defend his stance and his co-host.

“I never got absolutely mopped around on my own project either… @ me, not Rory,” Joe said. The shade didn’t stop there and Elec threw some shots back saying, “i never heard your albums bro. may Allah bless your career as a journalist.”

“I took you off yours & it’s a Hov mixtape now,” Budden tweeted back. “… Peace be unto you as well King.”

Of course fans got in on the debate and some agreed that Joe’s opinion on Jay Electronica’s album was accurate while others questioned his credibility to judge other people’s music as a retired rapper. One fan even pulled some receipts, debunking Jay Elec’s claim that he never listened to Joe after a video surfaced of the two together years ago and he’s giving the Love & Hip-Hop star some major props on his rapping abilities.

Joe has been taking heat from artist over his cultural critiques for years from Swae Lee to Khelani and Jhene Aiko all the way up to artists as big as Drake and even his own former boss, Eminem. One thing is clear as he continued to ruffle feathers – Joe Budden’s words holds a lot of weight in hip-hop culture.

Check out some of the discussion on social media about Joe Budden vs. Jay Electronica below.