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Swae Lee Claps Back At Joe Budden For Trashing His New Song With Drake ‘Won’t Be Late’

Joe Budden is good for ruffling artists’ feathers, and it looks like Swae Lee is next on that list.

Swae Lee took offense after Joe Budden gave a negative critique of his two new songs, “Won’t Be Late” and “Sextacy” that dropped August 16. Joe Budden said on his podcast last Wednesday that he particularly didn’t like “Won’t Be Late,” a song that features Drake and uses an Afrobeat. The hip-hop vet said he felt both Swae Lee and Drake were lazy for putting out a sound that we’ve heard from them in the past.

“I cannot believe these ni**as gave us an Afrobeat,” Budden said. “If there’s two people that know that we don’t want anymore Afrobeats from them, it’s [Swae Lee and Drake].” The Slaughterhouse rapper went on to say he felt Swae Lee was attempting to recreate his hit song “Unforgettable” with French Montana, but it didn’t work.

Those comments invited a subtweet from Swae Lee after the podcast was released that seemed to have been directed at Joe, though he didn’t mention the host by name. “Everyone has an opinion …unfortunately every opinion isn’t credible,” the Rae Sremmurd artist tweeted Wednesday. “and some just don’t hold any weight, don’t let someone’s small minded opinion influence yours.”

Joe Budden took those words as a direct shot towards him, and responded to Swae Lee on his next podcast episode later that week, calling the 24-year-old sensitive.

“We all like Swae Lee. So then shut the f*** up, Swae Lee,” Budden began. “We only don’t love you when you ain’t informed and then you start clappin’ back at some n*ggas that’s doing their f*cking job, the way you doing your job. I don’t have to love every f*cking Swae Lee song.”

The State of the Culture host’s response prompted Swae to tweet Budden directly, and he also had a few choice words for him on Instagram Live.

“I know it’s your job to like comment on other people’s lives and other people’s success and other people’s business and other people’s crafts. … You ain’t laying no veses. You ain’t drop a single in centuries. So this n*gga get on his lil podcast, veins popping out his head, screaming, spitting and sh*t talking about my singles was trash. My n*gga, them songs is straight heat boy. International. And I know that for a fact so I don’t need your opinion on my song.”

Joe didn’t seem too bothered and doubled down on his stance when a fan defended Joe’s point on Twitter. “F*ck that song lol” The next episode of the Joe Budden Podcast drops Wednesday morning, so only time will tell if the host will keep the banter going.

Check out Swae Lee’s IG live rant below.