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Vybz Kartel Pays Homage To Thick Ladies In New Song “Thickiana”

Vybz Kartel drops a new song, “Thickiana,” which was produced by Romeich.

The COVID-19 scare may be upon us, but that isn’t stopping Vybz Kartel from dropping new music. As a matter of fact, it may just be the drug that Jamaican’s need to get through the worldwide pandemic. Kartel teams up with Romeich Ent to release the brand new track called “Thickiana.” The title itself sounds ravishing, as Kartel coins a new word in order to adequately address the beautiful, voluptuous females. Many persons may have missed the title and only stumbled across the video because it’s done by Kartel.

For those individuals, the money shot of the first scene should truly take their breaths away, as viewers are treated to just one of the many joys a curvaceous woman brings. The beautiful posterior end belongs to no other than Romeich Entertainment’s dancer Toni O’Meally, better known by her Instagram handle, happyfeet_tg. Toni is definitely a joy to watch as she changes between white and yellow swimwear. She is quite amphibious, proving that she can gyrate both on land and in the water.

The only downside to her moves is that they may prove as a distraction from the onscreen lyrics. It’s definitely a good thing that Vybz Kartel delivers the lyrics in such a manner that we are able to follow every word and grab hold of every punchline.

The dancehall Teacha, takes us to school throughout the song, coining even more words to provide the perfect match for his flow. We are introduced to “trickianna” and “sickianna” and “tittianna” as he cleverly ties it back to Rihanna, the Barbadian beauty who also packs a nice, curvaceous figure.

A lot of fans are dubbing the track the next “Fever.”