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Princess Love Says She Lost Every Ounce Of Love For Ray J, It’s Over

Princess Love says she has lost all love for her husband/baby daddy, Ray J.

Ray J and Princess Love sat down in front of cameras to hash out their issues in a new unscripted series. This weekend will be the premiere of Ray J and Princess Love’s brand new limited unscripted series on Zeus network. One thing that is being marketed about the new show is that it won’t be your usual reality show on a set with a ton of crew and cast. According to the teaser, the series will only feature the estranged husband and wife without a host, producer, or mediator of any sort in sight.

In the latest trailer that was released ahead of the series premiere this weekend, Ray J and Princess are heard discussing a pivotal moment in their relationship that forever shifted the dynamic between them. Fans were privy to the drama unfolding when Princess went public about Ray J allegedly abandoning her in a Vegas hotel room last year while she was pregnant.

Ray J and Princess Love pregnant

Ray J had denied the claims, and it appears now that he will maintain that it was not the case in “The Conversation: Ray J & Princess Love” when it airs this weekend.

Princes can be heard telling Ray J she lost a lot of love for him and that she no longer respects him in the sneak peek of the show. She also said that she doesn’t love him or want to be with him anymore. There were some particularly dramatic moments when emotions were running high, and they each stormed off the set, but you have to tune in to see what really goes down in this “conversation.”

The couple is currently co-parenting their two kids Epik and Melody. The former was born in January of this year shortly after the “stranded in Vegas” drama. Don’t forget to check out the full conversation on the Zeus network this Sunday, March 15th, to see where these two are now.