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Love & Hip Hop: Princess Love Blast Ray J For Leaving Her & Melody Stranded In Vegas

Ray J and Princess Love pregnant

Seems like there is trouble in paradise between Ray J and Princess.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars Ray J and Princess Love are expecting their second child together soon, but that doesn’t mean everything is good at home. Just a little less than a month after the married couple did a huge gender reveal in the sky to welcome their soon-to-be baby boy, Princess posted a comment on a family photo calling out Ray J for allegedly leaving her and their daughter stranded in Vegas.

Ray J posted a since-been-deleted picture to his Instagram of he, Princess and their 1-year-old baby girl Melody at the 2019 BET Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday. But his wife made a comment that left fans wondering if the two were faking their happy evening. “Left me and Melody stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling.. Now you wanna post family photos #ByeUgly,” Princess said. Once that comment went viral and fans began adding their input on the mysterious situation, Princess posted to her IG story to clear some things up.

“Yes I can fly home.. I have my own money. But my car is here and I don’t want to drive back alone with my daughter because I’m over 8 months pregnant and I don’t even want to have to stop for gas or go into labor with all of this human trafficking going on..” she wrote. Ray J never publicly responded and it is still unclear what happened and why he would leave his wife in child in Las Vegas alone.

While the couple wed in 2016, fans were quick to bring up that it wasn’t always roses between the two, especially while they were on Love and Hip Hop. Ray J has been accused of cheating several times in the past, and of course we all remember the infamous moment when he tossed Princess into a pool in front of cameras. We hope that Princess made it back home safely to prepare for the arrival of her baby boy who is due in January.