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Meek Mill Reacts To Feds Searching His Private Jet, Claims Racial Profiling

Meek Mill shares a video clip confirming that his private jet was searched by the feds over the weekend.

The practice of searching rappers’ private jets has not come to an end, with Meek Mill the latest on the list. The consumption of drugs is not uncommon in the hip hop world, and authorities seem ever at the ready to conduct an investigation into some artists. DaBaby was arrested at the end of last year after police searched his vehicle while he was on stage and discovered marijuana in the car. Private planes are also not off-limits, as several rappers have come to experience.

The searches usually stem from police receiving tip-offs about contraband on board, as was the case with both Lil Wayne and Juice Wrld. Just before Christmas, federal agents searched the “I Do It” rapper’s private jet when it landed in Miami and discovered cocaine and a firearm. Juice’s story was more tragic as he attempted to conceal the vast amounts of prescription codeine when his plane landed at Chicago International Airport. He swallowed the pills to hide them from the authorities and suffered an overdose, which proved fatal.

Meek Mill’s search appears to have come out clean. The “Letter to Nipsey” rapper expressed frustration about the incident which occurred in Miami, claiming that it was due to racial profiling and that he was not given a reason for the search being conducted. “How many times y’all be searched being black, man. The least you can do is give us an explanation about being searched. I already know we black,” he said. “All our s*** and bags got laid out, we just landed in Miami.”

Meek Mill gave fans a glimpse into his fancy jet not so long ago when he posted a photo of himself and pregnant girlfriend, Milan Harris, napping. The pic was put up on Valentine’s Day, with the 32-year-old captioning it, “A few bosses.”

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