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Cardi B Rips Into Troll Who Says This About Kulture

Cardi B and Kulture

Say what you want about Cardi B, but hands-off when it comes to her daughter.

The “I Like It” hitmaker added “mama” to her resumé in July 2018 when she and husband Offset welcomed their daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus. Cardi B waited until she was six months along to share the news with fans, doing so during her performance on Saturday Night Live. The couple were even more protective once Kulture was born, only posting pictures of her that hid her face with emojis.

Now that Little Miss Cephus is on her way to two, she has made appearances on her mother’s IG, and her cuteness cannot be questioned. At least that’s what we thought. It seems some beg to differ as a user on the ‘gram claimed. “Kulture not the cutest soooooo,” wrote the female on Twitter.

Well, you better trust that The Bronx rapper not to take that lying down! “My daughter is very much the cutest b**** so sit down with your overgrown gums. That’s a fake tweet. Dumb b**** play with your mother or in traffic don’t play with mines,” Cardi slammed. When the instigator responded by saying that it was her opinion, the Grammy winner shot back, “Ok and this is a fact b**** YOU IS TRASH… You lucky I am a change woman I woulda violated your kids so bad you would hate your baby father for makin them. Don’t try my kid.”

Kulture is not the only kid that Cardi B has been defending of late. She also stood up for Dwayne Wade’s daughter Zaya after it was recently revealed that she is transgender. “People are born like that. Like the Lady Gaga song I was born this way that s*** is f**ing real,” she said on her Instagram Live. “And I know a lot of people are old school. Because you know things, some people are old-school because the parents the grandparents that raised them, or the area that they grew up in.”

We think Kulture has a great mom in her corner.