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DaBaby Don’t Want Female Fans Calling Him By His Government Name


That’s “DaBaby” to you, thank you very much.

Dozens of celebrities have adopted special monikers when they decide to pursue music, unless you thought that 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, and Cardi B were all their real names. In fact, even Nicki Minaj was born as Onika Maraj. It is not often that fans know the birth names of the rap stars who they adore and follow, but even if they do, sometimes the artists preferred that they didn’t.

DaBaby has now declared that that is how he should be addressed and no other way. The “Suge” rapper was born as Jonathan Lyndale Kirk and was known as “Baby Jesus” when he began his rap career in 2015, later switching to the singular “DaBaby”. The rapper has in no way forgotten his real name, though, titling his second studio album “Kirk”. But while he is keeping his original moniker a part of his life, he has told fans to refrain from using it when talking to or about him.

Whilst on Twitter, the 28-year-old revealed that some ladies have been trying to shoot their shot and get in the net circle by calling him “Jonathan” — a huge no-go in the artist’s eyes, apparently. “I hate when fans try to call me by the government name and misspell my s***. Bro.. you don’t know me bro,” he wrote. We’re not sure how common it is to misspell “Jonathan”, but we understand the sentiment all the same. DaBaby then posted a follow-up tweet that highlighted just how serious calling him by his first name actually is. “Ladies.. Calling me ‘Jonathan’ means you’re my Girlfriend.” Well then.

It seems that position has already been filled in any regard as the North Carolina rapper recently revealed that he has a baby on the way by someone other than his baby mother MeMe.