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Quada “Nah Change” On His Friends, Listen New Track

Quada is letting the world know that he is not changing or switching up.

Not only does his new song “Nah Change” chronicle his steadfast nature, but it also gives some insight into the struggles Quada has ensured to reach to this point in his life. The struggles have made him a stronger person mentally, and he wants his fans to know that the toughest of times have not changed him for the worst. He sings, “Real Youts know what a gwaan, anytime yuh change your life gone.” He shows a lot of love to his mentor Popcaan and his Unruly crew in general.

It’s all about taking things easy on this track for Quada. The artist who gave us “Hail” delivers a similar sounding track, making it feels like a conversation between two friends, with background music added to sweeten the deal.

Quada has faced better days, as the artiste has been charged with murder and arson following the mobbing of a man presumed to be a pedophile and child murderer.

Quada is scheduled to attend court on March 05, 2020, to answer to the charges stacked against him. It could be that this most recent release is coming from a place of planning for the worst-case scenario. This means if the court rulings do not go in his favor, his friends, associated, and everyone linked to him will know that he will “Never Change.”