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Pop Smoke Says His Beef With Casanova Was A Big Misunderstanding

There are no hard feelings towards Casanova as far as Pop Smoke is concerned.

Pop Smoke rapper has not been on the hip-hop scene for the long, having only released his debut single “Welcome to the Party” in April of last year. But he still felt it was enough to crown himself the “King of New York” on his most recent single, “Christopher Walking,” which is named after the famous actor who starred in Catch Me If You Can.

Pop Smoke of course isn’t the only rapper stemming from the Big Apple and fellow artists were not that impressed with his claim to the throne— namely, Casanova. Brooklyn born and raised, the “Coming Home” rapper took some shots at his neighbor, declaring on social media: “NOBODY RUNS NEW YORK IT’S TOO MUCH OUTSIDE N****S TO FRONT LIKE ONE N**** HAS THOSE POWER TO CONTROL THE WHOLE BITY,” as well as, “IM JUST SAYING. STOP USING MY PHRASE ‘WE OUTSIDE’ YEA MY PHASE. CAUSE YALL NOT OUTSIDE WE KNOW WHO’S OUTSIDE.”

After a brief stint of tension, Pop Smoke and Casanova made up shortly after. Cas even called for Pop to be released from police custody when he was thrown in jail a few days later after supposedly stealing a car.

Speaking about his beef with Cas, Pop confirmed that the entire thing had just been me huge misunderstanding that got blown way out of proportion. “People just took that and dragged that out,” he told Angie Martinez during an interview. “‘Cause if you know me, then you know I’m really real in real life. If it’s beef, we not gonna go on the Internet… Somebody might get hurt. You don’t want to advertise something like that.”

At least all is now good in the Brooklyn ‘hood.