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Rapper Casanova Calls For Pop Smoke Freedom Despite Beef


Casanova and Pop Smoke might be beefing but that doesn’t mean they wish bad for each other.

New York rapper Casanova knows there is nothing pleasant about going to jail and doesn’t even wish it on his worst of enemies. As a matter of fact, Casanova’s rap sheet ain’t pretty, having served approximately 8 years in prison, doing time at Rikers Island. While there is got into gruesome fights, stabbing 12 inmates and beating other cellmates. For these actions, he was placed into solitary confinement for three years.

In light of the above, we highly doubt that Pop Smoke makes it into Casanova’s top list of enemies, but the two were really going at it earlier this month. It seemed things were escalating so quickly that Meek Mill had to play referee/peacemaker between the two. Even with all that Smoke is going through, Casanova is still showing him some support. He took to his social media account to post, “FREE POP SMOKE I DONT WISH JAIL ON NO MAN. YEA I KNOW HE CALL ME TRASH A NOVA WHEN I CATCH HIM IM GONNA KNOCK HIS TEET OUT.. UNTIL THEN BROOKLYN FOREVER.”

Pop Smoke, who also hails from the Burroughs of Brooklyn, was nabbed by the feds earlier this week for knowingly transporting a stolen car across state lines. He was held directly after departing his flight at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

Apparently Pop took the ride through a word of mouth contract, however, did not return the vehicle as promised, “The Rolls Royce valued at $375,000 was loaned to the rapper by its owner in California for use in a music video, a source familiar with the case told CNN. The source said the rapper and owner had a verbal agreement that the vehicle would be returned the following day, and in exchange, the owner would get VIP access to a future Pop Smoke concert.

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Here is the worst part about it, Smoke was apparently flexing on the Gram with the stolen ride last November. According to reports from RollingStone, the feds tracked the car to his parents’ house in Canarsie, Brooklyn. When the vehicle was found, it was observed that the license plates were changed, and the car had new window tints.

The ride has been returned to the owner however, Smoke still has to await his release. Based on what Casanova has planned for him, maybe he needs to remain behind bars for a bit.