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Future’s 17-Year-Old Son Facing 20 Years In Prison For Gang Crimes


Future’s 17-year-old son is facing 20 years in prison for gang crimes.

The new year has been very kind to Future except for one thing; his eldest son Jakobi Wilburn is now facing decades in prison for gang activities. Future’s 17-year-old son’s life is set to change and not in a good way, and it seems there may be not much that good ole Hendrix can do about it. According to Bossip, Jakobi was reportedly a part of a major bust that took place late in January, which saw quite a few persons being taken into custody. Sadly, the teenager is now facing heavy charges which could see him spending a long time behind bars. The charges stacked against him include criminal gang activity, criminal trespass, and altered ID of a deadly weapon (firearm).

If the 17-year-old was held in a different state, he might have had a better chance, however, Georgia’s laws dictate that 17-year-olds can be charged as adults. This means that he could be looking at a solid 20 years for just the gang activity charges alone if he is convicted.

All of this is happening while Future is still battling his baby mamas in court. It must be a hard blow to know your eldest is in such a predicament and the only thing you can do is try to get him a good lawyer. This is Jakobi’s first official run-in with the law, so that may help his case. He was first involved in courthouse drama when his mom, Jessica White, sued Future back in 2012 for child support.

Another source of the “Mask Off” rapper’s worries is that Jakobi is tagged as being indigent/poor/needy and will have to use a public defender. This is due to the fact that the court reviews the teen’s income and not that of his parents, who we are sure would not mind spending some dough to have the best legal team for their son. Additionally, Jakobi does not yet have a future court date assigned to him.

Future kicked off his year with a new romance with Lori Harvey. The pair celebrated her birthday in Jamaica and were in Miami last weekend for Super Bowl weekend.