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Kodak Black Calls Out Prison After Inmate Hangs Himself

Kodak Black in prison

Kodak Black is once again speaking out from behind bars.

The Pompano Beach rapper is currently serving a 46-month prison term at a Miami Correctional Facility. However, the same prison that is suppose to keep him safe, Kodak Black, is now claiming is “strategically” trying to kill him. The “Tunnel Vision” rapper penned a lengthy post on Instagram detailing his fear of being housed at the prison. In December last year, Black penned a similar message on IG, where he claimed that prison officials orchestrated an incident where he was drugged and got into a fight that landed one correctional officer in the hospital.

In his new message, Kodak Black details how one of his fellow inmates, Pete, hang himself behind bars after prison officials neglect to get him medical attention.

“About four months ago there was a guy in here in solitary confinement that was well known throughout the building Pete was a very kind and generous person and while in solitary confinement Pete’s health condition reached a very advanced Stage while he was in excruciating pain!” Kodak Wrote.

The rapper added, “As Pete’s constant cried for help fell on deaf ears, he decided to take himself out of his misery by hanging himself from the bunk to end his pain and suffering.”

Kodak Black sent his condolences to Pete’s family and offered them some money, possibly to help pay for his funeral. Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was sentenced to 46 months in prison after pleading guilty to falsifying documents to purchase a weapon. In late October, he was allegedly involved in a huge fight in prison, where he allegedly beat up a correctional officer sending him to the hospital. Kodak later claimed that he was drugged before the incident went down. He has yet to be charged for that incident.


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