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Bobby Shmurda Surrounded By Female Friends In New Prison Photos

Bobby Shmurda just shared some new photos from prison surrounded by some female friends as he gears up for his release later this year.

It’s been too long since we heard from Bobby Shmurda. The New York rapper is sharing some new photos of himself on the inside after a visit from his long-time friend and rapper GS9 Left Loc. In the caption of a photo of the duo along with three women, the rapper said, “AH AHH AHHH THE CUZ @gs9leftyloc SAILED UP ON ME TODAY WITH THESE BEAUTIFUL LADIES MUCH [LOVE] ON THE VISIT CUZ U ALREADY SHKNOW 2020 TAKEOVER COMING REAL SOON,” Bobby wrote on Instagram.

The 25-year-old rapper, whose real name is Ackquille Jean Pollard was arrested in 2014 not long after his tell-tale smash hit record “Hot N*gga,” which went Platinum and peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot Rap and Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts. Shmurda was slapped with charges of reckless endangerment as well as firearm possession and conspiracy to murder. In 2016, Bobby Shmurda pleaded guilty and received a seven-year prison sentence that he has been serving concurrently with a four-year sentence he additionally received in 2017 for reportedly sneaking a shank into his prison cell.

The “Shmurda She Wrote” rapper has a parole hearing scheduled for August of this year and a tentative release date of December 11, 2020. While he waits for his court date to arrive so the verdict can make it official, the rapper has been preparing for his release.

In December, the rapper shared a Christmas card photo to Instagram that said, “Shmerry Christmas.” In the caption, he wrote “2 MY FAMILY & FRIENDS & 2 ALL MY FANS AH AHH AHH #2020 #LASTXMASBEHINDTHEWALL #THETAKEOVERSOONAPPROACHING,” the rapper said. Prior to that he was requesting beats from producers who wanted to work with him via the social media app as well. “AH AH AHH IF U GOT SOME HEAT AND WANNA WORK SEND IT DO NOT TAG NO ONE WE ONLY GOING THRU THE EMAIL…” he said in his post.

Sounds like he’s already working on a new project. It’s only a matter of time till Bobby Shmurda is out and about and dropping bangers again. We can’t wait to hear what this year and the next has in store for him.