Bobby Shmurda Sentenced To 7 Years Cops Plea Deal

Bobby Shmurda was sentenced to 7 years in prison after coping a plea deal with in a New York court on Friday.

The “Hot Ni**a” rapper will likely served 7 years in prison and get five years of probation as part of his guilty plea. TMZ reported that the rapper and his lawyer were in court today where his attorney strongly advised him to take the deal or he could face life imprisonment if he was tried and found guilty on conspiracy to commit murder and several weapons and drugs charges.

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Shmurda lawyer told him that if he goes on trial he will never get a sympathetic jury. He has been behind bars since December 2014 and was denied bail five times. He also regularly speak out on his innocence telling the media that cops are setting him up. The young emcee will also be credited for time already served which would be close to two years.

Back in May, one of Bobby Shmurda’s associates, Rashid Derrisant was sentenced to 98 years in prison after being found guilty on a murder charge and several counts of gun and drugs charges. Authorities says that he was a key player in a gang headed by the rapper name GS9.

Story still developing check back often.